Cool Places People Have Been To

Piper Johnson, Staff Writer

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“In the United States, I have been going to Mammoth and Havasu ever since I was born.  My grandma has a house up there so we go snowboarding and skiing.  We also go to Yosemite every other year.  I have also been to to New York, Boston, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.  Boston was really cool, I love Boston, I am actually applying to two schools there.  With volleyball, I have been to Hawaii and Florida, both of which I loved.  Last summer, my family and I went to Europe.  It was my first time going out of country.  We went to Paris, Rome, Italy, and then Germany.  The pretzels in Germany were my favorite!” -Navy Kaiser, Senior


“I went to Tahiti a few years ago for dance.  I do Tahitian dancing and we got to travel there to compete.  It was so pretty!  The water is so clear and the beaches are beautiful.” -Kyra Umetsu, Senior  


“This past year, I went to Hawaii for my close friend’s birthday.  It was my second time going, but I loved it just the same.  I loved going into the water and tanning.  The beaches were so pretty and the food was really good too!” -Olivia Wood, Senior