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Humans of Losal Volume 5

Julie Mayuga, Staff Writer

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Danyelle Burke (11)
“My favorite part of school, oh that’s a hard question, there are so many. Los Al is a great school with so many activities, wonderful instructors, and provides great education. I love getting to know my teachers and making new friends in my classes. In addition to attending clubs!”


Jacob Sellers (12)

“My favorite part about baseball is going out everyday with my best buds and being able to play the game we love. It never gets boring and there is always something to learn, and the competitiveness brings out the best in everyone.”


Skylar Low (10)

“My favorite part of high school is the Dance Program because of the work ethic that it creates, along with the bonds that I made with so many new friends. No matter what happens in your life, there’s always dance.”

Julie Mayuga, Staff Writer

I am a senior here at Los Al. I am in advanced dance and am a horseback rider. I love to watch reality TV shows and play video games. In the future, I...

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Humans of Losal Volume 5