The Griffin Chronicle

2018-2019 Staff

Sai Svati Sundararangan


Sai Svati Sundararangan or Svati is a senior here at Los Alamitos High School. She is the editor-in-chief of The Griffin Chronicle. She can also be found on the MUN board as undersecretary of events or in the French club as presid...

Nicole Ginaven

Staff Writer

Nicole Ginaven is a senior at Los Alamitos High School who enjoys reading books and writing stories.  She loves listening to music, mainly One Direction and Halsey. Bees are her favorite animal, and she hopes to become a beeke...

Maxine Vivanco

Staff Writer

Maxine Vivanco has always been a curios person. She loves spending time at the beach with friends. Maxine started writing on her own about two years ago and hasn't stopped since. When she's not writing you can find her curled...

Elizabeth Guelpa

Staff Writer

Elizabeth Guelpa is currently a freshman at Los Alamitos High School. She enjoys playing the flute and writing both short stories and music. She is currently in the marching band and spends most of her free time listening to...

Matthew Dziadkowicz

Staff Writer

Matthew is a sophomore and a staff member of the Griffin Chronicle. He is the only child and he lives with his parents and their dog. He enjoys watching sports and follows most of the local teams. ...

Ashley Serna

Staff Writer

Ashley Serna is junior at Los Alamitos High School. She absolutely loves sushi and animals, especially dogs. She loves dressing in candy clothes if she had any. Ashley would love to save lives one day, and that is why she believ...

Emily Chavez

Staff Writer

Emily Chavez is a 13 year-old freshman and part of the Griffin Chronicle. She is in the choir group Axcent. Her interests include photography, Marvel studios, and music.  ...

Joe Wynne

Staff Writer

Joe Wynne is an 11th grader at Los Alamitos High School. He is interested in sports and news. He likes to watch baseball, soccer, and football. He is interested in journalism because he likes the idea of writing news stories ab...

Rachel Heller

Staff Writer

Freshman Rachel Heller has a huge love and interest for writing, athletics, baking, and photography. She is on the cross country team at Los Al, and she has a huge passion for running. Her quiet personality only sparks a few p...

Rebecca Fox

Staff Writer

Rebecca Fox is a 15-year old sophomore who enjoys drawing and writing. She enjoys going to the movies and spending time with animals.

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