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Svati Balaji
Hi, I am Svati: a 16 year year old girl with a huge desire and ambition to change something in this world before my time is up. I love reading books and listening to music (I know this sounds generic, but I love doing them. Not at the same time though!)

I do Karate and I have a green belt.

I love food (I know....another generic statement, sorry!) The way to my heart is food.
Other than studying the school stuff (I love studying and getting straight A's.. not a generic statement!), I like to find the practical use of it in real life.

I like watching movies and TV series. I secretly wish I were British.

Oh, and I think I should say this: I love water. Swimming pool or beach, I can have the time of my life in both places.

I love writing (I think that explains why I wanted to take up journalism).
That is pretty much everything about me. Thanks for reading.

(PS: If you want to know more, Let's have a face-to-face conversation about the universe and stars and why the Queen is still the highest power of authority in Canada, Australia and New Zealand)

Svati Balaji, Staff Writer

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