Peer Pressure: An Epidemic


Rachel Heller, Staff Writer

Students in high school and middle school have been under pressure by many of their classmates or even people around school. Kids feel like they are pressured to do things they don’t want to do, and sometimes when they see other kids doing something, such as smoking or drinking, they may feel obligated to do those things as well because they may feel uncool if they don’t do what the other kids are doing.

As you grow older, you’ll  face some challenging decisions to make. The people you hang around with influence your life and your decisions. You learn from the people you hang out with and they learn from you. There can be positive influences brought to you by other people. For example, someone may help you in a class subject which influences your grades in class.

When students are pressured by others to start smoking and drinking, chances are they only do it because they want to seem cool but it’s messing with their bodies. Students aren’t thinking when they do these things, the only thing going through their mind is how cool they’re going to be if they start following the trails of other students. People are pressured to try new things, yet some students know what’s good and bad for them.

Peer pressuring is an issue in Middle and High schools around the world. When vaping became a popular “experiment”, students thought it was going to affect their bodies less than normal cigarettes. What most students learned later is that e-cigarettes are still loaded with nicotine just as any other nicotine based product.