Mr. Kennedy’s AP English Literature Visits LACMA


Photo Courtesy of Mr. Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy's AP Lit Class in Front of the Lights

Sai Svati Sundararangan, Editor-in-Chief

Anybody who has AP English Literature with Mr. Mossy Kennedy knows that he is a huge fan of historical things. He makes it a point to help students have a holistic experience in his class. He does not want to simply read books and write essays, rather he wants his students to see, observe, and interpret things. Mr. Kennedy has been taking his senior English class to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for many years now. This year it was the class of 2019’s turn.

A group of 52 students gathered at the Blueline Station on Willow Street in Long Beach. After getting our day passes, we boarded the Metro and embarked on what turned out to be a fantastic day. After traveling for almost 40 minutes, we reached 7th Street from where we walked to Grand Central Market. Along the way, we saw the Arts building, the tallest building in downtown LA and the Jewelry shops. We marched on through Broadway and noticed the intricate designs of each film house. After spending an hour at Grand Central market, some people took the Angeles’ Flight up Bunker Hill to get to the next Metro station. As we were walking, we saw the Disney Concert Hall and the MOCA.

The next Metro station was called a Purple line and we got off at Wilshire. From Wilshire, we boarded a bus and passed through Koreatown to get to LACMA. The entire group got in for free because everyone was 17 years or younger. As we walked through the art pieces, marvelling at the tiny detail to attention every artist portrayed, Mr. Kennedy talked to us about some of the artwork he thought was captivating. There were numerous sculptures and artifacts in the medieval section of the museum.

In a special tour by Mr. Kennedy, we saw the contemporary artwork which had a lot more room for interpretation. There was a black canvas which had tiny lines that could only be observed from up close. As students wandered off, Mr. Kennedy wanted us to be back by a certain time so that we could leave and get home on time. The entire student section posed in front of the LACMA lights for a group photo.

The ride back home was fairly simple. 53 people in our group got on a bus and took over the bus that was going to the Metro station. We got on the train and reached the Willow Blueline station 30 minutes before the estimated time, as the bus that was supposed to stop at multiple places did not because we took over it. It was a pretty fun day for the 52 students who accompanied Mr. Kennedy to LACMA.