LAHS Dance Proudly Presents, Relativity


Photo Courtesy of Los Al Dance

The Elegance and Poise the Dancers Show Is Truly a Spectacle for the Eye.

Sai Svati Sundararangan, Editor-in-Chief

Some of the finest performing artists in the school are undoubtedly part of the dance program. Be it a solo performance or a choreographed dance with 50 people, the dance program can do it all. Every year they put on shows that students can watch. These shows are without doubt crafted with precision and grace. Right from the song selection, to the transition into the next move, the dance program focuses on minute detail to put on a great show.

This year, the first show of the fall is called “Relativity”. On their website, the show is described as “Space and time are mere playthings for Dr. Joseph von Lichtenstein, and his niece, Hannah, is about to find that out the hard way. While snooping through her eccentric uncle’s workshop with her two best friends, Hannah uncovers a machine that takes them on a journey through history, from the dawn of mankind to the far future. Always dreaming of the past or searching for the next big thrill, Hannah, Tracy, and Dana are in for a rough ride as they are confronted with a past they never imagined, and the next big thrill involves running for their lives.”

There are three shows starting from the 8th of November. To find out more about the action that happens behind the scenes, I talked to Maddie Schumer, a senior and dancer in the school’s dance program.

Q.When did you guys start practicing?

A.“We started practicing for the show on August 27.”

Q.What is the most exciting thing about the show?

A.“The most exciting part of the dance show as a whole is standing backstage before you go on, cheering for the dance onstage, and getting ready to perform.”

This show is going to be simply amazing as this is the first last show for the seniors and the first show for the freshman. Make sure you get tickets for the show before they sell out, because the tickets usually sell out a week before.