Marching On To Greater Victories: 11/3


Elizabeth Guelpa, Staff Writer

On Saturday, November 3rd, the marching band competed in a BOA (Bands of America) Competition. This competition was different from most other competitions days though, this competition was a 19 hour day for the marching band students. Their call time was 6:00 AM and the got back to school at 12:30 AM. Once they arrived at school they almost immediately got on a bus and drove to LA Valley College. The majority students slept on the bus to try and catch up on sleep before their performance. The band performed at 9:30 AM.

After the performance, the students had to rush off the field and get back to the bus. Once there the students proceeded to get changed and eat. The boosters and chaperones of the band made the day far easier for all people involved. There was a large array of food, grilled cheese and soup, as well as fruit and Ramen. A TV was also set up to be able to watch over the show. After watching  the show, a game system was set up for some students to play games. During the first break of the day, other bands around the set up were watching the games and videos.

   At about 1:15 PM, the band headed back to the stadium to watch other bands perform and after, awards. The awards ceremony started at about 3:15 PM. In BOA competitions, there are the preliminary performances, and for the top ten, finals. Our marching band scored in the top ten and was a finalist. Their second performance was at 7:00 PM and awards were at 9:30 PM. The marching band came in 10th place, but making it into finals is a very high accomplishment.