LAHS Choir Helps Welcome the Holiday Spirit


Photo courtesy of Los Alamitos Show Choir

Everyone should at least think about seeing a choir show if they are not attending the holiday one; they are enjoyable and a good way to get involved in what is going on at school.

Nicole Ginaven, Staff Writer

The holiday choir shows are coming up. They will be held in the PAC at 7 pm on Thursday December 6, 7 pm on Friday December 7, and 12:30, 4, and 8 pm on Saturday December 8.  The show’s title is “Let There Be Peace”, and the choir has prepared holiday songs to sing. Like every year, there will be group songs and solos. Everyone in choir has been practicing hard for the show, and it is anticipated to be a good one, shown by the fact that the show on December 6 was sold out.

There are still some seats available for the other shows though, but not many, so if you want to go, you should buy tickets soon.  And if you are unable to go to one of these shows but want to watch a choir show, you can always go to one next year. Though some people prefer the holiday show because they love holiday songs, everyone who attends choir shows agree that all the shows are good.

I personally have gone to a few choir shows, and they were all enjoyable and entertaining.  The students in choir are all very talented, and it shows during their performances. Also, they all seem to enjoy singing, and this also shows while they are performing.  I would recommend going to one; you will probably enjoy it, and even if you do not, it will be a good experience. If you have not gone to any school related events and you want to get more involved in what is going on at school, attending a choir show is a great way to start.