Another Super Bowl, Another Pats Appearance

Super Bowl LIII should be a competitive game between the Rams and the Patriots.

Photo courtesy of Hookstock

Super Bowl LIII should be a competitive game between the Rams and the Patriots.

Matthew Dziadkowicz, Staff Writer

When February rolls around, it means another NFL season is coming to an end. And just like every other season, it ends with the Super Bowl, the most watched sports game in America. The Super Bowl is meaningful this year due to the Los Angeles Rams having to upset the New Orleans Saints off a overtime field goal, punching the Rams a ticket to the big game. But, just because it’s meaningful, doesn’t make it interesting, because who are they up against? Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, who have made the Super Bowl three years in a row, and four times in the past five seasons.

Actual fans of the NFL are starting to get tired and question the Pats constant appearances in the Super Bowl. Tom Brady has shown that he is the miracle man, and that he and his team just doesn’t go away. Super Bowl LI is an example, during that game, the Pats were down 28-3 to the Atlanta Falcons during the third quarter of the game. Everyone thought they were done for. Were they actually done for, though? No. Turns out Brady can just pull rabbits out of his hat whenever he wants. The Pats ended up coming back to tie the game in the fourth quarter and push it to overtime. They ended up winning the game in overtime and they shocked America. This was known as the biggest Super Bowl choke in NFL history, or you could call it the biggest comeback in history.

Despite Brady’s nine Super Bowl appearances, which is more than any other Franchise, he is human. Last year, Super Bowl LII, the Pats did lose to the Philadelphia Eagles.

In the end, Brady has another shot at the big one as he and the Pats will face the Rams for the first time since the Rams hired 33 year old coach Sean McVay, who is the youngest coach to go to a Super Bowl in NFL history. The game will be a good one as the Super Bowl will be played in Atlanta on Sunday, February 3rd.