Buying Your Way Into College


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Many wealthy families make big donations to colleges to legally buy their kid’s way into that college.

Nicole Ginaven, Staff Writer

Most people have heard about the college scandal that happened recently, with celebrity parents buying their kids admission to good colleges.  The majority of people who heard about this were upset and angry about it, since college admissions are supposed to be fair, and this was not fair.  What most people should realize, though, is that people have been buying their way into colleges for a long time.

When a rich family donates a large sum of money to a school their child is applying to, they are not just trying to help the school out by providing money they could need or use, they are helping their child’s chances of getting into that college.  This is a legal way that rich people buy their child’s admission to a good college.

Obviously, this is not as bad as what the families involved in the recent college scandal did, changing SAT scores and everything else, but it is still a way that rich people have an unfair advantage of getting into college when compared to everyone else.  Many people who were mad about the college scandal were upset because it was not fair how the kids got accepted, but this is happening all the time- children of rich people who are not qualified to go to the university get accepted, and someone else who was qualified to get in does not, because of a large donation to the university by the rich child’s parents.

While it was a good thing that everyone got upset about the scandal and the families are facing repercussion, we should keep in mind that there are many rich people buying their way into colleges, and getting away with it, every year.