Travelling Trash

A summary on the situation of plastic waste on our campus and how it affects local and overall life.


Francesca Macomber, Staff Writer


Los Alamitos High School is known for its advanced education and exceptional test-scores, far across Southern California. However, the campus’ other enticing feature is its beauty. Or, rather, beauty should be one of its current desirable features, as well as its dedication to preserving beauty within the surrounding regions. 

However, due to the high-demand of plastic products and the lack of proper disposal, our school is plagued by an onslaught of garbage. All would, in the proper scenario, wrap-up to be just that: wrapped- up. The items produced should be put in our campus’ trash, or a recycling bin. 

The situation would work out, if it were that all our plastic waste, that doesn’t belong in the average trash-compound, ends up in just that. As nice as it is to consider that our trash is recycled, it simply isn’t, after we are rid of its use. There are no recycling bins present to a student’s reach anywhere on campus. 

Disposable coffee cups, water-bottles, and even chewing-gum contain plastic, according to Moral Fibres, a U.K. company. The items that deteriorate our school’s reputation, and environment, are not relegated to their desired location. Despite efforts with the Campus Beautification program, which collects waste, plastic still remains where it clogs our region; our school is defamed, and our environment damaged. Our natural surroundings are especially injured, considering Los Alamitos’ proximity to the ocean. 

Two factors should be taken into consideration when pondering the usefulness of recycling: we would be cutting back on our school’s collection of trash, for there would be efficient methods of disposal. Additionally, we would steadily be helping our environment.

Many say that our numbers are much too small to consider introducing such a costly initiative, especially amidst all the construction, for we would not even make a dent in the issue of wordly recycling. However, it is not a meager issue that is being discussed, and it is not merely the act of properly trashing plastic. The idea of recycling centers around a mentality; it centers around the idea of changing something, something bigger than yourself, something that will outlast you and benefit later generations. This is our planet, our home. We have to make a difference, beginning with mentality.

And hopefully, it will begin with introducing recycling which will improve our reputation and provide yet another reason for families and bright-minded students to flock to our gates. Our school, much like Earth, is our home, and it should be treated with respect and dignity. 

Bringing on a seemingly small change, like engaging in recycling, would greatly affect our school and even our environment. So, please, think about the environment, our home, and encourage your peers to do the same.