Los Al Drama Presents Silent Sky

Los Al Drama puts on their first production of the year, Silent Sky.


The cast of Silent Sky satisfied with their performance. Photo credit via LosAlDrama Instagram.

Carina Sofelkanik, Staff Writer

After school in the Black Box Theater, both drama and tech students will prepare to showcase their first performance of the year with the fantastic production of Silent Sky

Before the previous school year ended, the cast members received their scripts to memorize over the summer. Once they returned to school, the students began blocking the production and smoothing out the rough edges. The students of the drama department worked for countless hours to make sure this show can exceed expectations and live up to the standards of their many  incredible past productions. 

The cast is full of award winning student actors and actresses such as Senior Louie Gallagher, recipient of the 2019 Music and Arts Commendation for Youth Achievement Award, Senior Leah Schiffer, a renowned California State Thespian Festival performer, and Junior Mady Lopez, an International Thespian festival award winner. 

“This show was produced with a little over 20 hours of rehearsal, and the technical elements were completed in about a week. The hard work really does pay off to tell this amazing and true story. It might be smaller than usual but, boy, is it mighty!” says veteran Senior Leah Schiffer. 

Their first performance of Silent Sky, which took place on August 22, effortlessly displayed all of their hard work. The impressive skills and undeniable talent from both the drama and tech students did not go unnoticed, for the show not only had a great set, but also great students who were able to portray the story beautifully. If you were unable to see this  Thursday night, you still have a chance to see this magical production today, August 23, at 3:30 or 7:00. Don’t miss out on this incredible performance!