My Journey In Faith

Although you may not always feel His presence, God is constantly by your side, guiding you in your path towards fulfillment.


Robert Bond

St. Confirmation Ministry Leaders prepare to bring the youth into God’s grace.

Jackie Bond, Staff Writer

God is good all the time. For years, I viewed this seemingly trite, unoriginal affirmation as nothing more than a cliche statement Christians constantly use to force their beliefs onto others. I called myself Catholic and went to mass each week; but I never truly believed in the infallible, all-loving God that I grudgingly prayed to each day. In spite of this, three years ago, I reluctantly signed myself up for a Confirmation program at Saint Cornelius Church in order to please my “insatiable” parents. When I joined this program, God performed yet another miracle, and healed me of my blindness.

 I saw the grace of God in the program’s leaders and my fellow Confirmation candidates, and I fell in love with my new-found faith. After every meeting, I grew more and more hopeful that a higher being was out there, guiding me into His light. My confidence in the existence of God soared, but I was still devoid of any real connection with Him until my year two Confirmation Retreat. The leader’s speeches truly inspired me, and hearing how God spread his unconditional love to people my own age enabled me to fully accept the goodness of God. I was finally able to realize that God was not the cause of my previous hardships, He was the reason I was strong enough to endure them. From this point on, I started to put my faith in God, and developed a genuine relationship with Him. No longer forced to bear the weight of my suffering alone, I became happier and more accepting towards others. 

My Confirmation program made me realize that God provides me with so much love that I have more than enough to share with everyone else. This realization compelled me to sign up for the St. Cornelius leadership program; I became a leader of youth ministry at the same church that blessed me with the faith I have today. God has not only provided me with endless love and happiness, He has also blessed me with a purpose: to bring others to Him.