Look Within

Show your creativity through the annual Reflections Contest.

This year's theme for Reflections is

This year’s theme for Reflections is “Look Within”. Photo Courtesy of National PTA

Megan Jun, Staff Writer

Every year, PTA holds a contest in the arts titled “Reflections”. This contest helps kids from Pre-K to 12th grade express their creativity and love for dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, and visual arts. There are many different steps in enrolling in this contest, as well as several different “stages” each student must partake in to make it to the final round.

The first step to enrolling is creating the “art piece”. The piece must follow the annual theme. Every year, Reflections has a new theme for students to follow; this year’s theme is “Look Within”. Students have the ability to interpret this theme in any way they would like. Students will then fill out a form with the piece attached and enroll in the reasonable division. Forms can be found in the front office, ASB office, or at capta.org/programs+events/reflections. There are five different divisions: primary (preschool-2nd), intermediate (3rd-5th), middle school (6th-8th), high school (9th-12th), and special artists (students with disabilities). Afterward, the student can turn in the submission to the front office.

Judges will look for three main criteria: interpretation of theme, creativity, and technique. This contest has several awards for each of the five categories. The three different awards a student can receive are the Merit Award, the Award of Excellence, and the Outstanding Interpretation Award. Students who win the Merit Award will receive a bronze medal and certificate of merit. Students who win the Award of Excellence will receive a $200 Young Artist Scholarship, a silver medal, and a Certificate of Excellence. Students who win the Outstanding Interpretation Award will receive an all expense-paid trip for them and their chaperone to showcase their work onstage. The showcase will be held at the National PTA Awards and Reflections Celebration, $800 Young Artist Scholarship, gold medal, Certificate of Outstanding Interpretation, and $200 for the local PTA unit. All awardees will have their works featured in a traveling art exhibit. But, only one student from each category will win the grand prize. Submissions are due October 10. Good luck to all the incredible artists participating in this year’s contest!