What do players do in the off-season?

Ever wonder what a player does when their sport is not in season?


The weight room is a great place for players to get a workout in during the off-season.

Andrew Chouinard

What Do Players Do in the Off-season?

By:Andrew Chouinard

The off-season is a time for players who play on a sports team to get some work in before the actual season begins. But what do high school players do when their season ends? Some might just assume they practice until the season begins, but that is not always the case. Players need to practice, but they also need to get stronger, and they need to prepare for the season to come. At Los Al High School, players go to the weight room to continue to improve their strength and stamina for the upcoming season. Also, they often have practices which allow the players to get improve their abilities and acquire more skills in order to be a dominant team when the next season comes. The off-season can also be the time for a player to stay healthy. Some players perform workouts using special equipment which allows them to stay on shape when they are no longer active with their sport. Some players also have special equipment at home which enables them to workout whenever they have free time, adding to the workouts their performing at school in the weight room, and at practice. In the off-season, players  also try to maintain a healthy diet. Eating healthy can make the player stronger or it can help them. Players might also use the off-season to take a much needed break from the constant practicing they partake in during their season. If players do choose to take a break during the off-season, they can still remain healthy and strong using the equipment they have at home. The off-season is a time for players to do everything they need to do in preparation for the upcoming season. The off-season is the perfect time for players to prepare and train for another incredible season.