Week 1 of the NFL: It’s Disappointment and Excitement

Trevor Hart

The NFL’s 100th season just finished all of its Week 1 games and while some of them may have been just as boring as the super bowl, there were other tight games and blowouts that left fans shocked. 


To start off the season, the Green Bay Packers played the Chicago Bears in Chicago with a rather dull first game that ended with the Packers winning that game 10-3. A couple key things that stood out to me this game were how the bears seemed to have possibly found their franchise kicker in Eddy Piniero to replace the one that ruined their chances to progress through playoffs last season(Cody Parkey). Kicking aside, Aaron Rodgers looked solid on Thursday completing 18 of his 30 passes with 203 passing yards and a passing touchdown(thrown to TE Jimmy Graham).


There were 13 Games played on Sunday this past week and out of all them, there were three games that stood out to me. The Ravens beat the Dolphins this week 59-10 in a rather surprising fashion with starting quarterback Lamar Jackson of the Ravens going 17/20 for 324 Yds and 5 TD Passes. Jackson threw to Rookie Wide Receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown for 147 yards and 2 TDs, making the 25th overall selection in the 2019 NFL Draft look stellar for his first game and for games to come. On the other side of the field though, the Dolphins hope to figure things out after this loss with a concern at quarterback, a struggling offensive line and a report that after this game that “Multiple Dolphins players contacted their agents after Sunday’s season-opening blowout loss and directed them to attempt to engineer trades somewhere else.” – Mike Florio NBC Sports News. As far as the Browns game went, expectations were not met up to as most browns fans expected this year with all of their new players. The Browns ended up losing to the Titans 13-43 and the Browns also ended up with 18 penalties which was pretty close to a record for one game. The third game that I picked out that was special was the Seahawks vs Bengals game which ended in the Seahawks winning 21-20. I mainly picked this game only because record 40 yard dash holder(4.22) Wide Receiver, John Ross of the Bengals, had the best game of his life with 7 catches for 158 yards and 2 TD’s.


Finally the Texans played the Saints in a thrilling game with Wide Receiver Kenny Stills catching a Touchdown Pass from Desean Watson in the final 50 seconds of the game. This to most people, thought was going to be the end of the game with the Texans up 28-27, but the saints marched down the field in three plays to the Texan’s 40 yard line and set up a game winning field goal from 58 yards out. After this madness went down, the last game of the first week of the NFL ended with the Raiders beating the Broncos 24-16, with big plays from Quarterback Derrick Carr, Wide Receiver Tyrell Williams and Runningback Josh Jacobs.