NFL Week 2: Injuries Galore

Drew Brees throws ball to receiver and jams thumb into Aaron Donalds Hand. 
Photo Courtesy of: The New York Times

Drew Brees throws ball to receiver and jams thumb into Aaron Donald’s Hand. Photo Courtesy of: The New York Times

Trevor Hart, Staff Writer

Devastating injuries have left NFL teams, fan-bases, and most importantly, fantasy football teams shook. These injuries induced the sidelining of several quarterbacks, running backs, and other players for quite some time. Week 2 in the NFL started on September 12th, and since then, over ten starting players have suffered an injury. Some of these players might heal soon enough to finish the 2019 season, but others are out for the whole season. 


For starters, Ben Roesthlisberger, commonly referred to as “Big Ben”, suffered a right elbow injury this past Sunday that kill require an intensive surgery, preventing him from playing for the rest of the season. His back up, Mason Rudolph, is taking over Roesthlistberger’s starting role, and will hopefully lead the Steelers out of their 0-2 record. As of now, the Steelers are without Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, Le’veon Bell and possibly James Connor.


Along with popular quarterback, Ben Roesthlisberger, getting injured, the starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees. Brees is now out 4-6 weeks due to an injury, in which Defensive Lineman Aaron Donald smacked Brees’ thumb as he was throwing the ball. In the same game however, Aaron Donald suffered a “Back Injury”, but it is not known if it is too serious because he was seen again in a later portion of the game after he ran off the field.


Finally, David Njoku, Tight End for the Cleveland Browns, suffered a concussion in Monday night’s game against the New York Jets, when he attempted to catch the ball from Quarterback Baker Mayfield. After catching the ball, Njoku got blown up by the Jet’s defensive player, Nate Hairston, who left him flying in the air and landing on his shoulder and head. I hope that all athletes from this week make a fast recovery and that you readers do not have any of these players on your fantasy football team, like me. And if you do, make sure to claim their back-ups when necessary. 


*deep leagues: Fantasy Football Leagues consist of an above average amount of roster spots. These teams are forced to play second or third string NFL players on their roster due to having so many teams and roster spots in the league.