New Back to School Series

Cope with stress, get better at organizing, improve test skills, and more in this after school program.


School psychologists and psychologist interns start the workshop with a slide show. Photo Courtesy of Megan Jun

Megan Jun, Staff Writer

We are already through a month and a half of school but the laborious work of school is already catching up to us. Many students are frantically juggling school with extracurricular activities. Some are stressing over tests and classes, while others are having a hard time making big decisions that could impact their life. For students that are struggling with these problems, LAHS has created a Back to School Series to help stabilize school and life.

The Back to School Series was created after a survey was taken last year by students to see what the school could improve on in order to help students manage their time and set goals. Now, workshops have been created to help students with goal setting, coping with stress, organization, and more. These workshops are administered by school psychologists and psychologist interns. With their expertise, they will be able to help students get through school in one piece.

Each session, there is a different topic being explored. From first to last, the topics workshops help with goal setting and decision making, time management and organization, study skills and test-taking tips, and coping with stress. The following workshops (in order) are on September 10, September 17, September 24, and October 1. Workshops will be held in the College and Career Center and start from 2:45-3:45 pm. 

All students are welcome to join! Make sure to RSVP to [email protected] before attending. If you have any questions regarding the Back to School Series, you can ask the front office or email Mrs. Morris. With the help of the Back to School Series, you can feel more at ease in school and life.