Los Al Marching Band Hard at Work


The Los Alamitos Marching Band poses for a photo in London. Photocredit Maddie Monreal.

Carina Sofelkanik, Staff Writer

The backbone to a good football game is the marching band. Whether our team is winning or losing, our marching band continues to play and hype up our devoted student section. Along with knowing countless songs to play at sports games and assemblies, marching band also prepares field show productions and competes in multiple competitions. 

The members of the marching band attend practice every Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from three o’clock to six o’clock throughout the school year and summer. Their hard work and effort led to the marching band being invited to perform in the London New Year’s Day Parade in 2017 to 2018. The griffins rang in the new year by performing their show, “Lost Boy” which was influenced by the renowned movie Peter Pan. Senior Madeline Monreal, flutist for all four years in marching band, says “My favorite memory was during sophomore year. The marching band got invited to play in the New Year’s Day parade in London”. Like many of her peers, being in London filled her with joy and excitement. “It was great going to a different country with some of my closest friends. We went to all the tourists spots like castles, museums, and shopping. It was wonderful going to Windsor Castle and seeing where the royal family stays.” Along with being able to experience a new country, the trip was also granted the Los Al Marching Band more exposure. Monreal excitedly reveals that the marching band was “featured on many television channels in London”. 

Despite all of this success, the achievements of marching band still often go unnoticed. Many peopleare unaware of the countless hours they practice or how much effort the students put into their music and the program itself. Sixteen members of the band are in executive positions such as section manager or council president. Marching band’s field show production is inspired by contemporary artist Yaoyai Kasuma. The show will include Kasuma’s fascination with dots and infinity rooms.This show draws on intellect and creativity to create an incredibly original and powerful performance. Next time you hear a peppy song played during the football game, remember the dedicated, talented, and globally recognized musicians that make up the spectacular Los Al marching band.