The Season of Pens

It is time to get out your pens and start drawing!


A freshman takes part in Inktober and inks a drawing for the prompt “Mindless”. Drawing Courtesy of Megan Jun

Megan Jun, Staff Writer

October is the season for spooks. Get out your witch hats, candy corn, skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, horror movies, and…pens? That’s right: pens. Not only is October the season for horrors and candy, but also the season for a special challenge held once a year called ‘Inktober’. Inktober is a challenge held in October for all artists who love to draw. Inktober challenges these artists to create one ink drawing per day throughout the entire month of October. This challenge was created by Jake Parker in 2009 to help improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It is now used by artists, both young and old, to help them develop more skills in ink drawing. 

All you need to begin this challenge is a pen and a piece of paper. The challenge is simple: draw anything you want with ink every day. There is an official prompt list that people traditionally follow with many interesting prompts, which can be found on the Inktober website. The prompts do not need to be drawn in order. People can also make their own prompt list for themselves or follow someone else’s prompt list. After finishing the drawing, you can either post it online or just keep it to yourself. It is recommended that people who post their drawings include the hashtag #inktober or #inktober2019 for more recognition. The last step is to repeat the process until the end of October. There is no “incorrect” way to ink in this challenge. Any kind of inking is valid, from drawing in pencil and then inking on top to calligraphy and digital inking on tablets. 

There is also no limit to how many times you draw each day. Typically in Inktober, people draw one ink drawing daily, but there is also a half-marathon route and a 5K route. During a half-marathon route, people ink every other day. During a 5K route, people ink once a week. If you are busy, it’s recommended that you pursue one of these routes to conserve time but still improve your skill.

LAHS takes on Inktober every year as well. If you would like to share Inktober artwork or have a place to complete your drawings, you can contact Mr. Long at [email protected] or visit his classroom (Room 758) for more information. Doing Inktober can also help students in certain visual art classes gain extra credit! Just ask your visual art teacher first to see if they are offering it. 

Remember, Inktober is used to help improve inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. Don’t stress over messing up. Mistakes help with improvement and learning. Now, grab your pens and paper and get ready for the ultimate inking challenge!