Los Al Football Against St.Paul


Los Al Football Against St.Paul Credit: losalfootball

Trevor Hart, Staff Writer


This past Friday, September 27th, the Griffins suffered a crushing defeat against the Swordsmen of St.Paul High School. For starters, St.Paul High School was quite a drive from Los Alamitos High School, making it a bit of a struggle for me and for some of the other Los Al fans to get there. The game was Hawaiian themed, and the fans were decked out in their floral shirts and lays. During the start of the game, the Swordsmen were up 7 to nothing. But, in the second half of the game the Griffins made their first major drive, in which Senior Quarterback Cade Mcconnell, threw a beautiful spiral to utility player Shain Allen for a major throw down the field. After a few more plays and the amazing catch and throw from Cade and Shain, the Griffins were at St. Paul’s 1 yard line, and Cade ran the ball in for a touch down tying up the game at 7 a piece. Optimism was high for all of the Los Alamitos players, the coaches, and the the fans. But, directly after that scoring play, the Los Alamitos team fell asleep and gave up a 98 yard kick return to Trenell Ridgley, a senior running back for St.Paul. This set the score of the game to 7-14 which remained the same for the remainder of the game. The Griffins fell to a 1 win and 4 loss record after this game, and hope to beat their rival, Edison High School, this upcoming Friday(October 4th). My prediction for the outcome of this weeks game is that the Griffins beat Edison 28-14 and improve their record to 2-4. Hopefully, Los Al will go on a winning streak this month, which may even allow the Los Al griffins to make it into the CIF championships.