School Spirit

School Spirit provides students with genuine enthusiasm and enjoyment that no amount of high school hardship can take away.


My incredible friend, Sarah Gamarnik

This year’s Homecoming dance provided me with new friendships and unforgettable memories.

Jackie Bond, Staff Writer

I am currently in my third year at Los Alamitos, and I have finally decided to get involved in school spirit. For the past two school years, I have not gone to a single dance or watched a single high school game, and I am clearly lacking in the untamed fervor that characterizes most Los Alamitos students. But this year, I vowed to get involved in school activities and become a member of the Griffin pride. Almost two months ago, I went to my first football game at Cerritos College, and I was finally a member of the award winning Los Al student section. It was truly an incredible night because not only did Los Alamitos clench their first victory, but also students’ undeniable school spirit radiated throughout the stadium, providing me with endless joy. Being surrounded by passionate students and amazong friends filled me with genuine excitement about being a member of Los Al, which I had never before experienced.
Throughout the last two months, I’ve kept this school spirit alive by participating in spirit week, reaching out to new students, and going to my first ever school dance. Not only have these experiences provided me with a more optimistic outlook on high school, they have also presented me with new connections that never could’ve formed without school spirit. Therefore, I suggest that all students get involved in at least one school activity in order to fully experience one of the many incredible aspects of high school. Trust me, I know that it is extremely easy to view high school as nothing more than an obstacle which you are forced to spend four years overcoming. But, if you actually get involved and remain optimistic, the seemingly torturous experience that is high school will slowly become bearable, and eventually even enjoyable.