Are You A Screenager

A group of psychologists conduct an experiment to see how much smartphones impact teenagers.


Arina Habich

A teenager looking on his phone at night before he goes to bed. (Photo Courtesy of 123RF)

Adalie Landa, Staff Writer

Phones, to this day, have driven teenagers apart from their families; it has affected teens in many ways. We call this being a screenager. A screenager is someone who spends almost all of their time on their phone and will do almost anything to look at their screen every few moments. The drive of checking your phone every few minutes will lead to distraction, addiction, and disconnection from society. Professor Dunn, Dwyer, and Kushlev of the Department of Psychology at Georgetown University and the University of British Columbia conducted an experiment of the social detachment effect from phones. A group of people were sent into Starbucks to order from the barista versus another group of people on the Starbucks app ordering on their phone. The group of people that physically left Starbucks left with a happier mood than the group using the app. They define this behavior because of how the “Starbucks app [or any easily accessible app] now enables customers to order coffee using their phones, eliminating the need to speak to the barista at all; this is just one example of how smartphones can obviate the need for social interactions.” Because of cellphones, it has caused us to become less social and comfortable between one another and left us on a remote island far away from the world. 

Not being able to fall asleep is mostly caused from your phone because of the blue light coming from your screen. The National Sleep Foundation says that that same blue light restrains “the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep/wake cycle,” and “reducing melatonin makes it harder to fall and stay asleep.” They also say that when you are constantly using your phone at night, your mind fools you into thinking that you must stay awake. In conclusion, controlling your amount of  screen time throughout the day can lead to a healthy, interactive life.