Homework: Is it Worth It?

Student on opinion on homework is not necessary


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Progress Reports have come in, good and bad.

Francesca Macomber, Staff Writer

Homework. Is it worth it? Let’s just say straight away that the simple answer to the complex question is a deafening no. Sure, homework can help students in AP’s or on days where school has been shortened, so there’s no time to go over the material.

However, most assignments, at least in the experience of my fellow students, has been more of busy-work than beneficial. Usually, loose sheets of paper are distributed to students with the message to finish it by the next day, day after day. Students with sports and other activities find that they have little time to sleep, nonetheless enjoy themselves. Though we are fighting for our futures, and every second of time spent on schoolwork matters, personal enjoyment and leisure time is still immensely important to our developing brains. Adults, too. Homework assignments that take over twenty-minutes to complete should not have been assigned in the first place. Unless AP classes distribute assignments that are vital to the exams at the end of the year, there is no true argument to the work that is given day after day. There should be plenty of time to practice in class; if homework is truly so important, the length of each assignment should be shortened, at least.

Yes, homework can have its benefits. But in the end, there is no reason to berate students with piles of paper that suck up their time to not only do activities outside of school, but enjoy themselves and sleep without stress.

Homework is unnecessary, to say the least. Let’s hope something shifts.