Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween is not far away only 9 more days to go and , as a plus we do not have school Friday, November 1st. Because Halloween is coming up soon, everyone is starting to pick their costumes and figure out what they are going to do! Well if you have not picked a costume yet do not stress; a costume is something that can be made with things at home. Halloween costumes are not always store bought, you can even grab a close friend or group and figure your costumes out all together. There are so many good ideas for you and your friend group to dress up as for Halloween such as : The Plastics from Mean Girls, Thing 1 and Thing 2, The Three Blind Mice, M&Ms, Ninja Turtles, a Devil and an Angel, Scary Horror Twins, and so many more! Some of these costumes can be created  in your own special way and your costume does not have to be from a show or movie and you could always be foods or objects such as fruit, or crayons. 

Another thing that people have done is take something simple such as tutus and turn them into the four seasons by dying them! There is absolutely 100% no limit to the  creativity of Your costume. can be whatever you want to be so do not go based of trends.. No matter what you and your friends decide to do, do what is most important so that you are comfortable with what you are wearing and that you enjoy the idea., There’s nothing worse than the feeling of being dressed up as something you do not want to be and if they decide that they want to be something that you do not want to be tell them and work things out, or you can find someone else or even do it alone as long as you have fun.