Haunted Hayride

A haunting tale of ride through the mountains of Hollywood


Image courtesy of the Hollywood Haunted Hayride

Daniel Espinoza , Staff Writer

The Hollywood haunted hayride is a great and ‘spooky’ attraction that rolls around just in time for the holiday season. Its up in the hills of hollywood near griffith park, and it has quite a following and turnout of attendees. Each year there’s a theme, and this year happened to be a campfire/camping theme, as well as it being the 13th year of the hayride. What could have made it even more in theme was if it had been friday the 13th the day I had gone, but I had to settle for an average friday.  

The hayride is notable for being filled with tons of actors in costume, almost similar to the renowned Knotts Scary Farm in a way. The atmosphere is unsettling and its location in the mountains surrounded by trees really sets the horror filled tone.  You take a ride through the night and through tents filled with “attractions” of different horror tropes such as swamp people to a slaughterhouse. At the hollywood haunted hayride you can buy snacks and go on the hayride itself, as well as go through a “trick or treat” maze where you can go through a bunch of buildings filled with scary actors that give you candy.

A majority of the attractions are actually aimed towards teens and young adults, however its a fun and fear filled time for everyone. The event itself is a welcome addition to spooky themed events that families frequent throughout the month leading to the holiday everyone loves.