Los Al Girls Volleyball CIF Run Ends


Los Al Girls Volleyball Season Ends Credit: Trevor Hart

Trevor Hart, Staff Writer

Girls volleyball is now over for Los Alamitos as the Griffins took a devastating loss against Murrieta Valley in 3 sets straight. Los Al finished in the second round of CIF, moving on from round one by beating Hart High School three sets to one. It is safe to argue that if senior outside hitter Chloe Allen was healthy and if Captain, Abby Karich, was able to play with two hands, the outcome of the game would of been a lot different. The Griffins now move on from their indoor season, to focus on their club season and beach volleyball.

The game against Murrieta Valley however, was a close game nonetheless. In particular, the last set of the game was very exciting as it ended with a final score of 24-26. I’d say what killed the Griffins this match was serving and serve receive as too many serves were missed long and not enough passes were perfect. On the other side of things though, some spotlight on a player I thought did extremely well was(no surprise) Abby Karich. Abby, in the 3rd set, with the score being 22-24 Murrieta Valley, decided to roll shot a ball right over the blockers hands, leaving the off-blockers player of Murrieta Valley on the floor as they couldn’t dive to the ball fast enough. Strong and smart hits were made from Abby Karich the entire night all the while critical blocks from setter Allie Livingston and middle blocker Cambria Grant were put up to.

Overall though, the Griffins had an amazing year and showed multiple flashes of why some of them are going to play D1 volleyball next year in college. They end with a 26-12 record while being tied for 2nd in League with Huntington Beach. Although the girls volleyball season is over, the Los Alamitos High School Boys Volleyball team is currently preparing for their season. There are approximately 142 days until their season starts and there is one thing that is going to be the main goal of their season. That is, winning league. Last Season, they had won league for the first time since 2005 and the coach of the Boys Volleyball program, Coach Kelly, plans to win this title for the next ten years straight.