Homecoming Dance

Greatest Homecoming Dance!!


Los Alamitos High Schools Greatest Homecoming Dance this Saturday! Tickets are only $25 up until tomorrow Thursday the 10th after that all tickets are $35 dollars.The theme of the homecoming dance is based off the movie The Greatest Showman. Every year the homecoming dance theme is new and different. Loads of people attend this dance Griffins go loco for the hoco dance and the Dj’s music is never a let down. The sum up of describing the dances here at Losal could be described in a few words such as a large sweaty mosh pit but everybody seems to have a good time and never regret going to it so if you haven’t attended a 

  Dance here at Losal I suggest you try it out at least once just with some friends just to have some fun or even if you have been to a Los Al there’s no harm in going again, everybody is always welcome all grades can attend. Los Al dances could end up being a great memory you have had from your High School experience and could be something that you will always remember and hold on to. I believe it is good to make your high school experience the best experience it can be and you can do so by showing tons of school spirit and not being afraid to put yourself out there and try something new. If you can attend the homecoming dance this Saturday do not stress because there are many other opportunities for you to go to a dance. Homecoming is bound to be a blast and should be as equally as fun as any other one there has been.