Dogs. vs. Cats

What kind of person should own which sort of animal.

Dogs. vs.  Cats

Francesca Macomber, Staff Writer

Being a pet owner can be challenging, especially when it comes to the notion of considering which furry friend is even fit for your lifestyle in the first place. 

Many people tend to adopt an animal without realizing that it does not fit their personality in the way it should; for example, many people read the body language of a cat and mistake it for that of a dog’s, therefore causing a dislike for the feline for their body language can come off as aggressive when it is not. 

Dogs are a much broader species than the limited sorts of cats. Usually, though, dogs are more suited for a person with time to walk them as well as the means to bathe them and find ways so that their energy can be exerted. A person with a more flexible schedule may find a dog better suited to them. 

When it comes to larger dogs, usually, a larger property is required and much more care and maintenance.

Something to be aware of in big dogs are hip problems, while often little dogs have heart problems caused by something unexpected: dirty teeth.

It’s important to remember the previous when considering getting a dog; they often need much more time dedicated to them and resources. However, they are good for protecting a household and demonstrate much more obvious loyalty.

Cats, though, are ideal for a person who has less time to spend at home. Although it is important to spend time with any pet, cats are better at being solitary. In addition, cats take much  less maintenance, considering they clean themselves and eat less than dogs.

However, an inexperienced cat owner may have trouble with the animal, considering they may read a cat’s rolling over as an invite to pet its belly, when really, it wants to play and faux-bite.

Finding the perfect pet can be hard, though it is certainly worth it in the end. Be sure to consider carefully!