Coping With Mental Disorders


Coping with mental illness may seem like an impossible feat.But, with time, support, determination, and a little faith, all mental suffering and emotional scarring will eventually heal.

Jackie Bond, Staff Writer

As a teenage girl in the midst of the ‘hardest’ year of high school, I am not immune to the stress, anxiety, and even depression that high school cliques and the pressure of honor’s classes induce. Although depression and generalized anxiety disorders result from abnormalities in neurological chemicals within the brain, these disorders can be exacerbated by external controversy and social pressure. The struggle to gain acceptance amongst classmates and find a path for the future often forces students into a state of self doubt, worry and intense anxiousness that can worsen (and sometimes even spur) mental disorders. Therefore, students must be cognizant of the ways to cope with stress and how to free themselves from a depressed or anxious state.
In order to cope with oncoming anxiety and depression, you must first acknowledge your feelings and recognize that only action can help resolve this overwhelming despair. When entering a depressive episode or facing a panic attack, focus on breathing, and block everything else out. Distract yourself with an uplifting show or game to occlude negative thoughts and anxiousness. Practice mindfulness by downloading a relaxation app or listening to calming sounds to ease mental distress. But, most importantly, you must reach out to someone when battling mental hardship. Even if you don’t talk about your emotions or what you’re facing, it is crucial to reach out to someone and just tank about anything that can distract you from the emotional pain that you are forced to endure. And if a friend opens up to you about their mental illnesses, remember that mental disorders affect everyone differently. Therefore, legitimize their suffering and never belittle their struggles, or make them feel ashamed of their emotions. If you or someone you care about is struggling with mental illness, never accept misery as a constant impediment in your or a loved ones’ life. Recognize that you or the person you love are in pain and take action to abate it. It may sound harsh, but do not wallow in your suffering… only effort and determination can alleviate mental struggles.