Week 11 NFL: Playoff Picture 11/13/2019


Jadeveon Clowney takes a fumble to the house Credit: NFL

Trevor Hart, Sports Editor

Week 10 of the NFL has just finished as the Seahawks caught a win in one of the most exciting games of the century against the undefeated San Francisco 49ers on Monday night.

As of right now there are multiple ways playoffs can go down, but when it comes down to the wire, I believe this is how it’s going to end up. First up, the NFC. The NFC in my opinion is the better conference this year and has the upper edge in winning the Pro Bowl, but that is irrelevant as there can only be 6 teams from this conference in the picture. I think that the two teams receiving a bye in the first round are going to be Seattle Seahawks with the one seed and the Green Bay Packers with the two seed. I firmly believe they will be the one seed this year because of the Seahawks’ powerful defense with stars like Jadeveon Clowney and Bobby Wagner. The Packers on the other hand will be the two seed and also get a first round bye because of their crazy stupid offense with Aaron Rodgers making the greatest throws in NFL history, and a runningback that is out to torch defenses for hundreds of yards each game in Aaron Jones. The four other teams in the NFC that will make playoffs will be the New Orleans Saints(3), Dallas Cowboys(4), 49ers(5) and the Minnesota Vikings(6)

In the second best conference, the AFC, things will be very very close, but ultimately 2 teams will dominate for the rest of the season and most likely see each other in the AFC Championship game: The Houston Texans(1) and the New England Patriots(2). Other than those two power houses, I believe the other 4 contenders in the playoff battle will be: the Kansas City Chiefs(3), Baltimore Ravens(4), Oakland Raiders(5) and Cleveland Browns(6). Although some people might think I’m crazy for putting the Browns in the Playoff Picture and the Bills, Eagles and the Rams out, I would like to wait to see what happens and prove those who disagree wrong.