MLB Free Agent: Gerrit Cole

Gerrit Cole is one of the biggest free agency this year.


Where will Gerrit Cole’s next stop be?

Andrew Chouinard, Staff Writer

After every baseball season, there is always talk about where the biggest free agent will go to next. This year, the talk is all about Gerrit Cole. He has been with the Pittsburg Pirates, and the Houston Astros. While he was on the Astros, he has gained some recognition. In 2019, Cole’s stats are 20 wins, 5 losses, 2.50 era, 33 games played, 212.1 innings pitched, 326 strike outs, and a 0.895 whip. Those are great stats for a starting pitcher. Since his time on the Astros, Cole has been to the postseason twice and one World Series. Even though the Astros brought Cole to the 2019 World Series, he still went into free agency  and is now looking for a new to team to be on. Many teams are looking at Cole, trying to land a fantastic ace. The Astros are trying to “take a run at it” (MLB Trade Rumors), but other teams besides the Astros need Cole to be their ace. The Angels are one of those teams. They have suffered some unfortunate events with their only good pitcher Tyler Skaggs passing away in early July. Also, their starting pitching was so atrocious this past season with them releasing Matt Harvey who was expected to be a good pick up. Trevor Cahill who was originally also a starting pitcher, was downgraded to the bullpen to get in more work, but was still horrible. The Yankee’s have recently started looking at Cole. They have the money to give him a great deal, but do they really need him? Gerrit Cole was easily going to be a Cy Young candidate, but his teammate, Justin Verlander, took it for the American League. If Gerrit Cole won the Cy Young and was a free agent on the market, many teams would love to have a great pitcher as the ace, but most teams probably do not have the money he is looking for. Gerrit Cole is an amazing pitcher who had an fantastic 2019 season, and whichever team grabs him should feel lucky to have a relatively young flame thrower of a pitcher to call their ace.