Classical Music


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Francesca Macomber, Staff Writer

Music is the foundation of many of our lives. From listening to music after the shower, to listening to our favorite jams on long-distance drives, the truth of the matter relating to the importance of our favorite melodies cannot be denied.
However, not all such tunes are suitable for a studying student. Many high-schoolers struggle focusing on their assignments or increasing their levels of acuteness when it comes to navigating school-work.
Studies show, though, that classical music can heighten focus as well as aid in the understanding of studied materials. According to “The Healthy,” an online blog, classical music can lower blood-pressure and trigger the neurotransmitters that release the “happy” chemicals.
Some find classical music boring, though. However, there are many orchestral renditions of popular songs on the radio. Bands like Vitamin String quarter produce such examples.
Listening to music is a big part of our lives, young and old. It can also be utilized to aid us in arenas other than enjoyment. It can help our cognitive functions.
While many argue that outside noises only distract us from the task at hand, orchestral songs are a prime example of an exception to the rule. If you’re stuck on an assignment or just can’t focus on studying for an important vital, a good idea would be to try classical music.
Yes, there are things we’d rather listen to. We all have music we’d rather be listening to! It’s merely a suggestion for the person struggling with focus who’s looking for an extra tip. It doesn’t always help, though it’s worth a shot.
Next time you’re studying or attempting to produce a fit academic venture, try cranking up Bach. He’s old, but he’s worth it. If not, there are modern examples that also work.