When in Rome, March!


The Los Alamitos Marching Band performing in the New Year’s Day parade in London, England. (Photo credit losalmusic.com)

Carina Sofelkanik, Staff Writer

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. That’s exactly what the Los Alamitos High School Marching Band will do next year. The musicians in the marching band have been formally invited to play at the New Year’s Day Parade in Rome, Italy. The band will play in the parade to bring in the new year of 2021. Students who are seniors and on track to graduate this year will be able to come back to Los Al and perform with the Marching Band in Rome. Senior Maddie Monreal says, “I am so grateful for this opportunity. I am glad that I will be able to come back to my high school and play with my friends one more time”. Playing in a foreign country’s New Year’s Day parade isn’t marching band’s first rodeo. In December, 2017, the marching band traveled to London, England to perform in their New Year’s Day parade. They were able to go sightseeing, experience new culture, and bring in the new year with their friends. Senior Jessica Liu says, “London was really fun and I was able to experience new things. I’m glad that the next group of kids will be able to have their own fun and new experience in Italy”. It is no shock that the Los Al marching band is a world-renowned group. The students part of marching band are extremely dedicated. Practices are three days a week and sometimes they have practice for eight hours on Saturdays. Marching band consistently get superiors, the highest level you can win, at their competitions. Their hard work and dedication has paid off as they pack their bags and head to Rome this upcoming year!