Shake Shack vs In n Out


Shake Shack’s new home in 2nd and PCH Credit: Trevor Hart

Trevor Hart, Sports Editor

Shake Shack at 2nd and PCH in Long Beach has officially opened on November 7th. On the day of its opening, me and my two friends decided to give it a try. We spent around $60 dollars at Shake Shack and after ordering almost the entire menu, I can give you a firm answer on how good shake shack really is, and if it is overall better than In-‘N-Out.

I should first mention that there are three things I account for rating restaurants or fast food places: taste, time, and price. Out of the things I bought from Shake Shack, three Shack Burgers, 1 Chicken Shack, 1 Order of Fries, 1 Order of Bacon Cheese Fries, 1 Oreo Milkshake, and 1 Salted Caramel Milkshake, the absolute best of these dishes was the Cheese Fries. The Cheese Fries without a doubt beat In-‘N-Out’s fries primarily because the Fries at In-‘N-Out are soggy and oily, while Shake Shack’s fries are soft, well-seasoned, and perfectly mixed with cheese and other condiments, unlike the overly loaded Animal style fries at In-‘N-Out. But the real reason someone should go to a fast food burger joint is for a delicious and cheap burger. And I can say without a doubt that In-‘N-Out’s burger is far superior to the expensive, overly-cooked burgers of Shake Shack. The reasons being that you can buy three burgers at In-n-Out for the cost of a single burger at Shake Shack, and Shake Shack’s burgers are also much smaller meaning there is even less bang for your buck.

Overall, In-‘N-Out wins in this debate as a result of Shake Shack being too expensive, the hamburgers being too small, and the line always being out the door.