California Wildfires

A look into the dangers of fires


Courtesy of NBC news

Daniel Espinoza , Staff Writer

Southern California has been left open to quite a few natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis and potentially even hurricanes. However the deadliest one of all, at least for californians is wildfire.
The weather that we have had for the past decade has not been forgiving for the mountains.Brush areas have been especially harmed due to our droughts as well. Our long winded drought has left the bushier areas vulnerable in their dried out state. With the wave of heat and wind over the last summer many fires were started in hillier areas of southern california and it was rather devastating.
Thousands of people have been displaced from their homes, including many celebrities. People on the more wealthier side have tended to reside in the hills but the fires have been unrelenting. In residential areas as well as those reserved for hiking or other miscellaneous uses have burned down to almost nothing but ash. Even my own mother has been affected because a trail she frequents while hiking was temporarily closed due to the fires.
Some of the images and recordings from the fires liken it to something out of the underworld with so much of the area covered in flames. Due to the mass displacement the areas near the hills have lost a lot of real estate business. The silver lining, however, is the aid that the area has received from donors and other generous people after so many have lost their homes.