Welcome Annual Japanese Exchange Students

Japanese exchange students are visiting our school from December 6-12!


This is one exchange student from Japan. Her name is Kumagi Honoka. Photo Courtesy of Megan Jun

Megan Jun, Staff Writer

This week, students from Japan are visiting our school. These students come from Numazu, Japan. Forty-four students from Numazu Chuo High School will visit our school including three teachers as well. Los Al students volunteer to become a mentor for the Japanese students and will shadow their classes. The students’ ages range from 16-17 years old. As well as following the students, the exchange students will also take part in many activities at our school that can help students become closer and have fun with the exchange students. Japanese students will arrive on December 4th. Starting from December 5th to 12th, nineteen selected students will stay in America. Certain students will host these exchange students until December 12th.
In turn, our school also goes to Japan as exchange students to Numazu during the summer. LAHS students will learn about school life in Japan as well as visit many amazing places like Japanese temples and amusement parks. Through this exchange program, Japanese and American students will learn more about one another and each other’s cultures. They can also practice their English or Japanese with one another. Hopefully, learning more about the other will create friendship and understanding between Japan and the U.S.

Note from Mrs. Takeuchi: Any student can host Japanese exchange students. If you would like to take an exchange student next winter, you can wait until next fall to sign up for hosting or email Mrs. Takeuchi, the Japanese teacher, for more information.