Christmas Caroling



Francesca Macomber, Staff Writer

Two nights ago, I had the privilege of Christmas caroling at the Ranchos Los Amigos Hospital in Downey. I’m a member of the Assistance League of Downey, and the program recruits young teenage girls at the start of their freshmen year to do volunteer work for the community. Recently, boys were included, as well.
The Ranchos Los Amigos Hospital was founded in 1888, and today is utilized for rehabilitation.
The main sorts of recovery that the hospital aids in is spinal injuries and other issues of the sort. There are three floors and multiple different rooms. The establishment also helps with physical-therapy so that patients can regain some of their motor functions once more.
The Christmas-caroling me and my fellow Assisteens performed unfortunately did not contain the talent of an award-winning choir, but our enthusiasm and excitement to be included in the activity was apparent.
Patients were able to decline our caroling, if they so wished, though most doors were open and we sung to various people. We were also able to give patients who were not on special diets candy-canes, though we gave all of them a special greeting card and handmade paper cranes we constructed during our various meetings.
Our meeting was approximately two hours long, and the sanctioned-guide split us into three groups to visit all three floors. My mother, who helps lead the program, took our group on the first-floor. It was very enjoyable to see the excitement on the faces of the patients who enjoyed Christmas tunes. We looped through and ensemble of six different classic melodies.
I was very happy to have the experience.