Stephen Strausburg’s Record Breaking Deal

Strausburg’s record breaking deal was a big surprise to the baseball community.


Stephen Strausburg is going to be with the Nationals for another 7 year!

Andrew Chouinard, Staff Writer

On Monday, December 9th, the reining World Series MVP, Stephen Strausburg, signed a record breaking deal with the Washington Nationals. The signing was a big surprise to everybody in the baseball community because many people doubted that he would sign with his former team. Prior to Strausburg signing with the Nats, baseball fans everywhere anticipated that Strausburg would sign with the San Diego Padres. But, this off-season, the Padres have sneakily signed multiple players in order to stand a chance at making it to the playoffs which they have fallen short of since 2006. The baseball community thought Strausburg was headed back to San Diego because he was born and raised in San Diego as a Padres fan. The Padres need a good ace that can help the team actually win and even dominate this season. When the off-season began, many questioned why the Nats did not sign Strausburg sooner because why wouldn’t they want the World Series MVP? But Strausburg did get a fantastic contract: the deal is 7 years and 245 million dollars. But there are some consequences in Strausburg signing such a big deal. The Nats were showing interest in their former, all-star third basemen, Anthony Rendon; but now that most of their money went to Strausburg, they will be unable to sign Rendon. Rendon does, however, have the interest of the Dodgers, Rangers, and recently the Angels in signing him if they fail to recruit another star baseman, Cole. SOme debate has also ensued as a result
of Strausburg’s age; Strausburg is 31 years old and as he continues to fulfill his seven-year contract his skill might decline. But now that Strausburg has signed such a big deal, will Strausburg be as successful as he has in prior season? If not, the Nats have wasted a lot of money and a chance to recruit other incredible players and stand a chance at winning the national playoffs.