The So Cal Football Student Section of the Year


Los Al Locos in their Natural habitat Photo Credit: LAHS

Trevor Hart, Sports Editor

The Southern California Football Student Section of the Year goes to Los Alamitos High School, or as we proudly call ourselves, the Los Al Locos!

December 9th at around 12 P.M. a tweet went out from the account So Cal Student Sections, asking which high school deserves the title of the 2019 Football Student Section of the year. The four schools who made it into the race this year were: Vista Murrieta High School, Valencia High School, Los Alamitos High School and Carlsbad High School. Voting was big for these football fans as the poll ended with a total of 6,649 votes. And what really shocked me and many other students across southern California is that Los Al pulled out a victory only in the final hour. Announcements were being made left and right from teacher to teacher, and even the Los Al ASB President, Nico Chico, showed his Los Al pride by speaking on the PA system and encouraging everyone to vote. On top of this, students from ASB came into multiple classrooms to make sure that people had voted and were spreading the word about voting through social media. Votes were being made by the hundreds, and some people were so determined to win they even made multiple new twitter accounts to vote on. Out of these votes the locos finished first with 37% of the votes, followed by Vista Murrieta at 30%, Carlsbad with 26% and Valencia finishing last with 7%. The 24 Hour Poll was a long race, but in the final hour of all the voting, Los Al took the lead passing the very spirited Vista Murrieta.

The Los Alamitos Locos will now most likely compete against schools from all over the state of California for Best Football Student Section of the Year. As long as the Locos stick together and show their undeniable school pride, Los Al may soon be seen as the highest ranked Football Student Section of not only the state but the entire country.