Credit to Wikimedia- students testing

Francesca Macomber, Staff Writer

The dreaded event of the semester is coming up and coming fast- finals. In only a week’s time, we will be sitting amongst our anxious peers in a deadly quiet classroom, trying desperately to wrack our brains for every last bit of information that could possibly carry our futures to a better place, if we receive the golden “A.”
Maybe we’ll be ravenously searching our aching brains for something of value, or maybe, we’ll be prepared.
Preparing for finals is no easy task. Six different classes, all with unique challenges and expectations.
So let’s break it down.
I’ve managed to do well on two years of high school finals; that’s four semesters of the painstakingly challenging assessments.
How have I, and my friends, done it?
Divide and conquer.
I don’t mean among friends, rather, prior to finals, it would be best for students to dedicate chunks of time each night to a specific subject and go all in. It’s much better than cramming a night or two before; spreading out our studying provides us with more time to ask teachers for help, and, even better, it’s only a small amount of work each day. We would still have time to do things we like, and not study incessantly during the last night before finals.
In addition, I believed that study guides teachers have given us beforehand might as well be paper-gold. When I’m given such a document, I create three copies; one, for the “key,” one for messy work, and another to really nail the idea and fully exert my knowledge of the subject.
This system has helped me immensely.
Another great way to prepare is to recite information or explanations out-loud. In my experience, this study-method is incredibly efficient and has helped me get through the toughest exams.
Also, confidence is extremely important. Sure, being confident and having no idea what the material may not be the best combination. But, unless you’re the type that feeds off of adrenaline, going in overly nervous and apprehensive is certainly not the best way to enter your first exam.
To be cliche, get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, but also, have confidence in you, and you’re studying habits.
Good luck!