Ugly Sweater Weather

It’s time to get our your ugliest sweaters!


Genique shows off her Christmas spirit with her “Elf” themed sweater. Photo Courtesy of Megan Jun

Megan Jun, Staff Writer

Many items that associate with Christmas are seen displayed during December. Wherever you go, everyone can see mistletoe, candy canes, ornaments, nutcrackers, and…ugly sweaters? Ugly sweaters are the infamous tacky sweaters exclusively worn during Christmas. These sweaters have quickly spread throughout the world in a short amount of time. But who started this trend and how did it become so popular? It is hard to determine who really invented the ugly sweater, but we do know ugly sweaters were inspired by eighties sitcoms. Many sitcoms in the 1980’s wore and featured ugly cardigans by the characters. Christmas themed sweaters came about around the same time as these sitcoms. They were called “jingle bell sweaters” during this time.
The trend of ugly sweaters was made popular through Bill Cosby and Chevy Chase from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, but the tradition started “snowballing” after ugly sweater parties started being hosted around 2001. Supposedly, the birthplace of ugly sweater parties was in Canada in the city of Vancouver. This event is held every year at the Commodore Ballroom. Chris Boyd and Jordan Birch, co-founders of this event, have trademarked the words “ugly Christmas sweater” and “Ugly Christmas Sweater party”. The Ugly Christmas Sweater party helps raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation every year. Spread the Christmas cheer this year through ugly sweaters!