Meal of the Future

What is better than a portable meal?

Carina Sofelkanik, Staff Writer

Students get hungry, and what is better than a nice, hot, portable meal? Crock-pots, the greatest invention since sliced bread, allows for students to have everything they want in a meal. They are perfect for busy students who do not have lots of their time on their hands. The features in a crock-pot range from simply plugging in and selecting high and low to programmable features including a delayed start, keep warm features, and temperature variations. Look and what kind of food you cook need to be consideration. If you buy your first crock pot, buy a simple version so it is not as complicated. Crock-pots can be used in multiple ways as well. Senior, and crock-pot enthusiast, Genique Clark says, “Sometimes they are good for cold things too. I’ll put some cereal and milk in there and use it as a bowl”. A mini crock-pot is perfect to bring to school because it is easy to clean up and make a lot of food. You can cook your food throughout the day and have a warm meal for lunch. People also have the ability to be adventurous and create their own recipes. The meals are also very affordable, which is a great help for students who do not have jobs yet. For students who like delicious food, getting a crock-pot is the way to go because they’re are so many different kinds of recipes waiting to be made.