Boys Volleyball Sunset League Predictions


P: Standard Volleyball Used In Sunset League PC: Spalding

Trevor Hart, Sports Editor

Boys volleyball is almost in season, and with only three months left until league matches start, it is a good time to make record predictions. Starting this past year, the sunset league, a group of competitive southern California schools, has added two more schools in to this distinguished volleyball league. These two schools consist of Corona Del Mar and Laguna Beach, which have now split the league in to two divisions: the Surf Division and the Wave Division.

The Surf Division is the upper division of the two, and the top four boys volleyball teams within this division are Newport Harbour, Corona Del Mar, Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach. While the bottom four teams are Edison, Los Alamitos, Fountain Valley and Marina.

For my sunset league predictions, I believe Newport Harbour (which is last years Boys Volleyball CIF Champions) will do good this year mainly because of the surrounding club, Balboa Bay, which helps to train most of the talented high school players. I predict that they will go 6-0. Corona Del Mar is also associated with the Balboa Bay club team which is one of the most successful volleyball clubs in history. Therefore, I think they will go 2-4, only losing to the army-like Newport team and the high ranking juniors and seniors from Huntington Beach High School. I believe Huntington beach will also go 4-2, and Laguna Beach will go without a win in the Surf Division this year since they might drop down to the wave division during this upcoming season.

In the wave division (the order last year being Edison and Los Al tied for first followed by Fountain Valley then Marina) I believe that Los Alamitos will overall dominate and gain their 4th title as league champs. I predict Los Al will win league going 6-0 and go far in the CIF playoffs. Edison will go 4-2, for they play in 2 heated match ups against Los Al going in to the 5th set of each encounter. Marina will go 2-4 and Fountain Valley will go 0-6 and the two schools will most likely remain in the wave division for quite some time.

The Boys Volleyball season for Los Al will begin shortly, starting with their first preseason game at home on February 25th at 5:30 P.M