Star Wars

Overview of the last 40 years of star wars


photo from LucasFilm

Daniel Espinoza , Staff Writer

The 70s and 80s were a very influential period in cinematic history. Those years spawned many great franchises, some of which were critically acclaimed and then died off, and others which became incredibly impactful in pop culture, such as the Star Wars franchise.
George Lucas first created this wonderful sci-fi series in 1977 and unknowingly produced a cultural icon for decades to come. The movies have influenced so many great childhood and adulthood memories spanning several generations. After the original trilogy, the sequel trilogy was released which was slightly less popular but it still managed to keep the Star Wars legacy alive. When Disney bought Lucasfilm in the late 2000s, the Star Wars enterprise was changed completely.
The sequel trilogy was announced near the start of the decade as a direct sequel to the original movies from the 80s. With the Force Awakens, it landed very successfully as a strong start to a new trilogy even if it rehashed some of the old constructs from the previous trilogy. It reignited the love for Star Wars for many older fans and introduced this fandom to a new generation of kids. The final movie of the “Skywalker Saga” is almost here and most fans couldn’t be more excited. There are some detractors who love to mindlessly hate on any star wars content, but it shouldn’t deter any true fans. I’ve loved star wars since I was a kid myself and personally am extremely excited to see it. Hopefully the final movie will bring a satisfying and epic conclusion to a 40 year long journey that me and countless others have joyously ventured on.