Pocket Operators

Blurb about miniature synthesizers


Francesca Macomber, Staff Writer

Pocket Operators
Teenage Engineering, a Swedish electronic company, has created several astounding devices that have in turn allowed for the creation of many suave melodies. Throughout their years of production, their different items have continued to astound.
According to Wikipedia, the website was founded in 2005 by Jesper Kouthoofd. Being a company that centers around music, they have produced many different synthesizers, all of a very impressive, small size.
I am an owner of three of the devices, and I highly recommend them.
Though small in nature, the Pocket Operators, as they are called, hold many interesting features.
For example, Pocket Operator twenty, the Arcade, includes sixteen different sounds, an option for patterns, and a button to control beats per minute. There are also two knobs that control variations of the notes or beats selected, which lead to depth and uniqueness to each melody. Though the process seems complicated, there are multiple tutorial videos, and I find that part of the fun is figuring out the different functions.
The screen of the Pocket Operator includes small animations that change based on the options selected or the sound effects added. For example, the Arcade has different small video-game animations.
The noises themselves include drum beats as well as multiple video-game-esque noises. Chords can be added into the background to play over the selected options, and sound-effects, such as a sort of arpeggio-selection (which induces the animation of a plane) can be chosen as well.
Overall, Teenage Engineering continues to outdo themselves with their miniature, impressive creations (which can actually fit into one’s pocket). I highly recommend purchasing one.