Lights, Camera, OSCARS!

And the Oscar goes to…

This Oscars will mark the 91st anniversary of them.
(Photo Courtesy of depositphotos)

This Oscars will mark the 91st anniversary of them. (Photo Courtesy of depositphotos)

Megan Jun, Staff Writer

There are many awards given during the beginning of the year to people who are the best of the best from the year before. Awards are given to several people for several reasons, such as being the best musician of the previous year. One of these awards is called Oscars. The Oscars is an award given to people who exceed in cinematography and acting. These awards are shown every year on ABC Live on the second Monday of February. This year’s Oscars is on February 9 at 5:00 PM PST.
The Oscars committee was created in 1927, but it was not until 1928 that the idea of handing out Oscar awards was approved. The first ceremony was on May 16, 1929, at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. There, Oscars for 12 categories were presented to people in the film industry. Later on, the number of categories lessened to seven. The names of the winners were previously known by the press, but during one event, where the LA Times printed the names of the winners for the 1939 Oscars, people were disappointed to not be able to experience the suspense. Since then, the names of the winners are kept a close secret. The Oscars were not televised until 1953 and nationally broadcasted until 1969. Now several people around the world can experience Hollywood magic during the Oscars.
The true origin of the Oscar’s name is unknown, but there are three people that claim they know where the name came from. One actress, Bette Davis, claimed that the Oscars was named after her husband Harmon Oscar Nelson after she commented that the Oscar statuette looked similar to him. A columnist, Sidney Skolsky, claimed that he originally came up with an idea. Finally, Margaret Herrick claimed that the Oscar was named after her Uncle Oscar after she claimed that it looked like him. Even after many discussions, no one can come to a conclusion on who named the Oscars.
The Oscars is an interesting and exciting award show to watch every year. Whether live on TV, prerecorded, or actually going to the Oscars, it is an amazing and fun “scene” to watch.