Los Al Basketball falls to Newport Harbor leaving the Grififns 1-3 in League


Los Al Basketball Getting Warm PC: Trevdawg Hart

Trevor Hart, Sports Editor

On Monday, January 27th, the Los Alamitos Varsity Basketball team had a home league game against Newport Harbor High School. The match was point for point until Los Al took off in the second quarter giving them a lead at halftime 30-23, but then Los Al stumbled and only scored two points in the third quarter while newport got eleven keeping the game close. In the final seconds of the game with 28.1 seconds left, the score was 44-45 Los Al down and Guard Luke Barnes(#5) made a 2 free throws giving the sailors a three point lead. Los Al marched back down the court taking time, but to only come up with a 2 pointer from David Olcomendy making the score 46-47 with around 15 seconds left. The Griffin’s only chance to win the game now was to foul a player from Newport to have a possible chance again at the ball following the miss or misses of free throws from Newport’s shooter. Everett May fouls Levi Darrow of Newport with 14.4 seconds left. Darrow makes both of his free throws and the score is now 49-46 Newport up. With the time left, the probable goal of Los Al was to get a buzzer beater three pointer to tie the game at 49 a piece, but instead of this, Los Al gets an unintentional foul and it gives Newport a two score lead of 50-46. Los Al with the remaining time shoots a two pointer with the clock at zero seconds leaving the final score at 48-50. The leading scorer for Los Al this game was David Olcomendy with twenty points. They did a great job nonetheless of this defeat and still has hopes to make the playoffs this year.