Are You Kitten Me?

In case you are not planning to watch the Superbowl, watch cute kittens compete in their own version of Superbowl!


Cats at home are ready for some intense competition! (Photo Courtesy of Adalie Landa)

Adalie Landa, Staff Writer

For the people who do not watch sports-related games, change the channel to the Hallmark Channel to watch some cute kittens (and puppies as well) compete in the cat version of Super Bowl called Kitten Bowl! The satisfaction of watching kittens play on the field is both enjoyable and entertaining for those looking for a channel to watch on an average Sunday. Kitten Bowl 2020 is premiered on February 2, the same day of the Super Bowl. The organization, North Shore Animal League America, works with Hallmark Channel every year for the Kitten Bowl. The kittens competing are all available for adoption and are waiting for a place to call home. The teams for this year’s Kitten Bowl consists of the Courageous Cougars, the Last Hope Lions, the Little Longtails, and the North Shore Bengals. There will also be puppies on the sides cheer leading during half-time!
The animal-rights activist Beth Stern returns to host this year’s Kitten Bowl along with “Former NFL player Rashad Jennings and football veteran Boomer and color presenter Esiason” according to Prizmi Tripath on The Cinemaholic. Kitten Bowl can be also known as a fundraiser to ensure that people adopt from shelters. The goal is to make people aware that kitten mills are no myth and cats around the world are being bred in cages in unhygienic places. Overall, come watch the show on Hallmark Channel and watch these adorable, athletic kittens score touchdowns, tackle each other and receive penalties for unnecessary cuteness!